The importance of videos that can't be deleted

SnapChat works on the idea that there are images and videos that you want deleted immediately. The idea that there are certain things you don't want people to be able to see for longer than a few seconds.

But the reverse is also true. There is also a need to have images and videos that can't be deleted. Images and videos that are of such great value that if they were lost, it would affect our quality of life.

Geavi is one such app. The idea that you can store data in the cloud that cannot be deleted for a period of time. Even with password access the data still can't be deleted.

Personal Safety web Interface

Why is there a need for this?

Enter Courtney Griffith, an 18 year old in Virginia, USA who was pulled over by the Police for the light on her license plate not working. As many Gen Y'ers and millenials do, Courtney started recording a video of the incident.

The Police assaulted Courtney's friend Brendan and took them both in to custody. The Sergeant at the scene took Courtney's phone and deleted the video she'd recorded.

Except that the Sergeant didn't know how to properly delete videos, and Courtney later found the video in the 'recently deleted' file.

There isn't a great deal of need to go into the other specifics of the incident, because the point here is that the video recording not being properly deleted is a key piece of evidence in Courtney and Brendan's defence. Brendan is currently imprisoned on charges of assault and battery on a Police Officer and resisting arrest.

the video in question

Everyone wins with transparency, and transparency is created most effectively through video evidence.

Having the video stored in the cloud also prevents data loss if the device is broken or smashed.

And having the un-deletable video isn't just important for run-ins involving the Police; Personal Safety is an important part of modern living. The ability to have un-deletable videos stored in the cloud increases our ability to identify and provide evidence against perpetrators of violence.

So if you love SnapChat because it quickly deletes your photos, then you'll also love geavi because it keeps the stuff you need.

Update: This was written prior to a slew of unarmed civilians being killed by Police. These events further emphasise the need for video footage.