The app you will really wish you had...

A few months ago geavi received its first outside review. It was a surreal moment, the first time since we launched the app that anyone outside the geavi network had given us public feedback.

To begin with I didn't actually know it had been reviewed. I was Googling 'geavi' to see how our SEO was going, and at the bottom of page 2 (at the time) I saw a link to an Ausdroid article talking about geavi.

The article can be read here:

Ausdroid Article Preview

Caption: Screenshot of geavi on Ausdroid

To be honest, I was stoked. Chris Rowland is a much respected figure in the Tech community in Australia, and he did a great job of describing the app and how it works.

But one thing Chris wrote got me thinking. He said in his summary of the app that "geavi is probably the kind of app that you won’t need until the time that you really wish you had it".

It got me thinking because I had hoped that people would see geavi differently; that they would see that they need geavi 'regardless' of whether something ever happens... even if that means nothing ever happens. Chris might be right and his review was fair, but I'm hoping to show people how geavi is different.

My team and I designed geavi to specifically avoid this adage, because we'd seen other people build personal safety apps that had been given this label.

The reason why people may think this about personal safety apps, is because when we're walking home, we're not walking home with a safety app open. Statistically speaking we're using our phones to browse Facebook, listen to music, Tweet, text or call someone.

And with every other safety app you couldn't have the safety app open and do what you wanted to do (browse Facebook). Other apps make you choose between Social Media and Safety... and most people choose Social Media. And to be fair, statistically most people get home safe at night without a safety app.

Bike rider in the City

Caption: How not to get home safe, with or without geavi

geavi was designed to enable you, as the user, to use your phone how 'you want to' while geavi works for you in the background. It's recording audio, video and your location - at the same time as you're texting your friends and getting up to date with the latest on Instagram.

So there's no reason you wouldn't download geavi, because you'd never be forced to choose between geavi and your friends. You can have both.
little girl meme

Caption: geavi or Facebook? Why don't we have both?

Also, you'll hear me say this a lot in the future, but if something bad happens you should be calling the police, not activating a safety app... and in the case of geavi, the service is already running so you can call the police and it will keep creating evidence... so you don't have to make this choice if geavi is your app of choice.

So, while Chris might be right in his assertion, I am hoping that with enough awareness, people won't think "geavi is probably the kind of app that I won’t need until it's too late", instead they'll use geavi every day to complement their phone activity.